Dematerialisation is the process of converting physical shares into electronic format. An investor who wants to dematerialise his shares needs to open a demat account with Depository Participant and request for dematerialisation of certificate by filling up a Dematerialisation Request Form. Investor needs to submit their physical certificates to the DP by marking the certificates as “surrender for dematerialisation” and in turn get electronic shares in his demat account.

Requirements for Shares held in Physical Form

Information to be provided to RTA, if holding shares in physical form

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (‘SEBI’) vide its circular dated 16th March 2023 which is in supersession of the earlier SEBI circular dated 03rd November 2021 has made it mandatory for the shareholders holding securities in physical form to furnish PAN, KYC details and Nomination to the Registrar and Transfer Agent (‘RTA’) of the Company. In case of failure to provide required documents and details as per the aforesaid SEBI circular, all folios of such shareholders shall be frozen on or after 01st October 2023 by the RTA.

Click here for SEBI Circular

In view of the above, shareholders of the Company holding securities in physical form shall provide all of the following documents/details to RTA:

1. PAN
2. Nomination (for all eligible folios) in Form No. SH-13 or submit declaration to ‘Opt-out’ in Form ISR-3
Note: Any cancellation or change in nomination shall be provided in Form No. SH-14.
3. Contact details including Postal address with PIN code, Mobile Number, E-mail address
4. Bank Account details including Bank name and branch, Bank account number, IFS code
5. Specimen signature
The above documents/details are to be provided to Company’s RTA i.e. M/s. Universal Capital Securities Pvt. Ltd; C 101, 247 Park, LBS Road, Vikhroli (West), Mumbai – 400083 or email at [email protected] along with Name and folio numbers.

Shareholders are requested to take note that they can access the required forms through the following link: